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  • Feb 27 2013
  • ED Watch: Muslim Brotherhood 'Connecting' U.S. Schools?


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    With: Sharon
    First we'll look at some of the latest stats on the state of our schools, and then discuss what a Muslim Brotherhood organization is doing partnering with the U.S. Dept. of Education and State Dept. to connect all U.S. schools with classrooms abroad by 2016. What? and Why.

  • Feb 26 2013
  • GOV'T Watch: Sensitivity Training & Our Taxes


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    With: Sharon, William Federer
    We'll discuss the video that was discovered last week of USDA government employees being indoctrinated in 'sensitivity training' - the who, what and why, and how this is only a small portion of political correctness programming in our government. What are the roots?

  • Feb 18 2013
  • TRUTH WARS: Darwin Day in Schools


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    With: Sharon, Dr. Jonathan Wells
    Darwin Day was celebrated in public classrooms and public institutions across America last week, and joining Sharon on today's show is Dr. Jonathan Wells graduate of Berkeley and Yale, Sr. Fellow at the Discovery Institute and author, to talk about Darwinism vs. Intelligent Desirn. Scientific and education societies have declared that schools should teach Darwinism as dogmatically as they teach the world is round, and are discriminating against scientific truth and those scientists who believe in Intelligent Design.

  • Feb 17 2013
  • Global Governance & America


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    With: Sharon, Debra Rae
    Sharon talks with Debra Rae on her book, "The ABCs of Globalism" to discuss the realities of global governance, what that means for America, and why it needs to be resisted. Plus what are the 3 paradigms in our culture today and which one is the bridge into globalism?

  • Feb 15 2013
  • Drones in Your Backyard


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    With: Sharon
    Now that the Obama administration has approved the use of drones for police and private use, the FAA expects 30,000 of them by 2020. Some states are saying no because of privacy issues. But is this the only privacy concern?

  • Feb 13 2013
  • Spy Drones Flying Over the USA


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    With: Sharon, Debra Rae, Audrey Russo
    The White House said that drones, like those used in war-zones, are ", ethical and wise," to fly over the United States, and so they do, taking pictures and recording sounds. Is this legal? Disturbing details today. Plus TSA outrageous 'over-reach.'

  • Feb 11 2013
  • GOV'T Watch: Global Taxes & Power Elites


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    With: Sharon, James Moorehead
    The International Monetary Fund has new global taxes in the making; the World Health Organization is targeting two more items to tax, which will affect the U.S. Then how you can survive any personal or national crisis with James Moorehead.

  • Feb 06 2013
  • Is Our Cash on Its Way Out?


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    With: Sharon, Michael Trudeau
    Electronic money, including online transactions and paying by mobile technology has some predicting that cash will soon be a thing of the past...and that that is a good thing. Is it? And how does this tie in to the move toward a world currency which we talked about on Monday's show? Plus China and Russia (as part of the SCO) are hoping they will emerge as the world leaders over the USA, and more. What path should we take?

  • Jan 30 2013
  • Religious Liberties: ObamaCare Implantable RFID Chips


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    With: Sharon
    Update on ObamaCare Mandates and their infringement on religious liberties, plus what are the facts about the claims that the new national healthcare plan requires implantable RFID chips?

  • Jan 25 2013
  • ED Watch: Are We Winning or Losing our Kids?


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    With: Sharon
    Indoctrination appears to the the norm in today's public classrooms, whether politically, religiously or culturally, such as celebrating 'gay pride month', even in private schools, and more.

  • Jan 23 2013
  • ED Watch: Obama's 'Common Core'


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    With: Sharon , Orlean Koehle
    Language codes imposed on college students; and new standards for K-12 that force teachers to teach to the test and attaching their salaries to results, are just some of the topics on today's show. Joining Sharon to talk about the newest school curriculum implemented in Texas and other classrooms, Common Core, that Pres. Obama is looking to use as federal curriculum, is Orlean Koehle, Pres. Calif. Eagle Forum.

  • Jan 18 2013
  • GOV'T Watch - State & Local: Agenda 21


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    With: Sharon & Joseph Dickey
    Sharon interviews a guest who follows and reports on how the United Nations' Agenda 21 is being implemented on the state and local levels, and what we should watch for and be concerned about, including its roots.

  • Jan 07 2013
  • SIGNPOST #1 - The Middle East


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    With: Sharon & Myles Weiss
    Brand New Series! What are the signposts to watch for in the current issues of politics and culture? Today we begin a new 'series' with Signpost #1: The Middle East. America is positioning itself against Israel, and what this means.

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